Books and stuff!

Okay, okay, yeah – posting has become a really dull exercise for me so I will try to ALEAST do 2 posts a month.
Anyways, I have been really busy lately; my life full of book reports, papers, Geography tests, math… Ugh, been an awful few weeks…. BUT……
I finally grabbed my pen tablet on my desk and have been drawing a decent amount recently and having a hella lota fun. I went ahead searching my butt off for an epic drawing program and I was stuck between Photoshop and Paint Tool Sai.
Sai won. :D
It won because honestly, Photoshop is f*cking confusing. It’s also SLOW. In terms of power, Sai may not have as much filters and stuff – but that doesn’t bug me. Photoshop has so much going on ( I believe its the way it uses the RAM) it makes it slowwwww.
I mean, SLOW.
Back to Sai, for months Iv’e been dreaming about a web comic – slowing coming up with different ideas; and am already working on character drawings. The first chapter is a long way from a release, but that’s partially because my pen tablet is so insanely tiny and pressure levels are meh that even though I love this thing with my soul, it’s time to get a new one. I’m looking into the Intuos5 Medium, which is 350$, which is as much cash as I theoretically could somehow get my hands on within a few months. (work, work, work and more painful work) If I can possibly get another 100$, I would like to either get a scanner for physical drawings, (I dont know if you know this, but my family is very artistic so I have tons of art books between now and 5 years ago) or a larger screen as my laptop screen is quite tiny.
Besides drawing, I have been doing a lot of reading, and have started reading One Piece again, along with Blue Exorcist; (I am already caught up now) and Bakuman. Which is the easily the coolest manga ever.iqeNH6bS66KkhazhlAE_i22Ag3ZFKuMHf_yZxAuBDoE vG8R7GMPpNM5EYezpYLrmoHsFJT6B0uBH6cHlsADQSs

15 days of no posting – “A story of Strife, Honor, and Boredom”

“This post sucks, so why post?” – No one ever

Here I am, sick from school with nothing to do – browsing Instructables with fairly weak intent. I casually sip tea from a poorly made water bottle. I Quickly type away on a 6 year old keyboard with limber fingers while slowly stopping… And well, I simply wonder where my life is headed.




“Download Python 3.3″

There, I go and download Python – hoping there’s some future to what I do…And what exactly to do. Where am I headed with this? NO IDEA. So why the hell not try and get somewhere?

I live in a lost world, a zombie in a a world full of zombie’s. I know there’s something out there – I could try getting there. But so much branching off it..Confusing us to the brink of default…Being ordinary. What makes it harder though is the fact that 99% of these “branches” are fake.
I have an idea of what my life will be like, casual adventure with fun geeky awesomeness involved…
But have I contributed?
I feel as if I need to – HAVE to.
But do I need to?
is it worth it?
Of course it is.
A year ago an old friend pointed out to me; “Your idea’s are great.. But will you ever succeed and create the idea? A idea is worth nothing if you never continue it.”
That’s my issue.
So I apologize people, everyone.
I suck at this stuff but I try.
I hope that made sense.

Amplifier came in! YEAH!

No one really heard the story; but about 2~3 weeks ago I ordered a amplifier for my sexy new Bose Speakers… But alas, I accidentally sent the order to our old house…
Anyway after a few weeks of insanity and depression I finally get it in..A little late.
But at least it’s in – and I have a sick pair of speakers on hand now. :)

crappy photoshop skills to block out my address

crappy photoshop skills to block out my address

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Boss Speakers!

Lately a friend of mine and I wanted to build a pair of speakers; but came across a crap load of road bumps, mainly the fact that many of the tuts’ online either cost money, the speakers drivers where to old to purchase, or they where over $20,000.
Honestly, i’m no audiophile – far from it. Deciding that we where just going to build some boxes and stuff some drivers into it and call it good, we “journeyed” over to Ace Buyers (a pawn shop in our city) Looking around for a bit, I happened to spot some really awkward speakers for sale for $50. Turns out, these are Bose 4.2’s that where somewhat mid ~ high end speakers back in mid 1980’s. (1985 to be exact) Heading over to eBay I noticed they sold for around $250… ;D (According to some audiophiles I know, Bose is a marketing company.. And anything is better then them – I responded, so that would mean that there speakers where so decent that they actually became a huge company, yes?)
The pawn shop dude kindly let us try em’ before we buy em’ and they sounded pretty darn good, considering they where in a work bench powering off a car amplifier.

Anyways, deciding not to ruin these nice speakers, I decided to keep them the way they are….And just maybe give them a sick paint job! xD
2013-01-14 15.54.14

Website will be void of updates until something awesomely awesome happens…. ):

Sadly, nothing has been very interesting other then getting my Ping sensor in the mail; and going back to school.
I have been unable to work with the Ping due to the fact that resistors/Radio Shack completely suck. I’m in need of a 56 Ohm resistor, which no one seems to have. I traveled to Radio Shack the other day and first of all, not only are they over priced, but they don’t even have my 56 Ohm resistor.
Ebay it is….2013-01-07 15.36.28

Arduino + Stepper Motor

So, today i grabbed some stepper motors I borrowed (2, but just used 1) and went to work with the Arduino and the EasyDriver. I’m pretty much an amateur at the Arduino C based code, so I just copied and pasted it from the tutorial a read about. (and am studying it as I type)
Here’s a video of it in action:

Merry Tardis!

Christmas is done and gone – and has brought some amazing stuff in with it’s awesomeness. I got plenty of very awesome stuff – including a super awesome chair.

But to the main point – I’m a super geek who loves doctor who, so I get….
A Tardis Yahtzee set! (not pictured : the awesome dice)tardis 1

Merry Christmas!

Just finished my Christmas Present last night – take a look! I started off with wrapping my present in some brown papery substance – then designed a fake like logo to cut out on sticker paper. (before I did I coated it with contact paper, to give it a shine) Once I was done, I just peeled it off and stuck it on!dried rat